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Bauhaus Recoded - Late at Tate Britain

My work on Wassily Kandinsky being exhibited at the Tate Britain Galleries


Bauhaus Recoded was an event hosted by the Interactive Architecture Lab in November 2019. The event marked the celebration of the centenary of the Bauhaus, a school that has been tremendously influential to arts, culture and architecture of the world as well as the lab. The event included live installations, performance art and other interactive experiences.

More information about the event can be found here.

I had the incredible opportunity to exhibit my work at this event. I was researching the Bauhaus artist and painter Wassily Kandinsky and decided to re-create some of his works using code. The platform used to code these visualisations is called Processing. It is a library of javascript.

Circles in a circle was an artwork by the Bauhaus artist Wassily Kandinsky, made in 1923. Through this artwork,Kandinsky aimed to create a composition of circles, with a foreground and background. He wanted the outer circle to highlight the interaction/interplay, that occurred amongst the circles inside. The intersecting shapes from the corners of the composition, were meant to allow one to look at the circles from a different


Circles in a circle, Wassily Kandisnky - 1923


Paying homage to Kandinsky and his body of her at the Bauhaus, I created this animation using processing in order to visualise, through a lens that is semi-personal, what a live action version of the artwork would look like. I imagined a dance, between the different instances of geometry whilst re-imagining the intersecting shapes as lights, that differentially highlight the colour palette. The colour palette is abstracted from the original.

Different interpretations of Circle in a circle using sine and tan mathematical functions


Further, I was part of the core organising committee tasked with setting up and curating the event as well as running tests and helping design and implement the lighting, projection, sound and video for the event.

Late at Tate Britain - Bauhaus Recoded - (Audio: Never sunny in Philadelphia)


Lastly, I was selected to do a takeover of The Bartlett of Architecture's official instagram account in order to help cover the event on the official social media channels of the school. Snippets of the takeover can be seen by clicking the link down below


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